Seville, a city that lives and breathes art

April 2023

Can a stroll through a city become a journey through history? Can a tour of its craft workshops or its most advanced design studios send you on a voyage through the world of art? In Seville, it can. The city is a showcase of the arts over time, where different moments from the past and the present intertwine, inviting you to wander amidst them and fall in love with their infinite contrasts.

Seville is a city that does not disappoint, a city so well known and yet so unknown. An open city as well as a closed one. A city that exudes emotion. Its aroma, its light, its sounds and its flavours transport you to a special, magical world. A spirit that can be found in its art, its craftsmanship and its design.

Everyone who sets foot in this magnificent city is held spellbound. Seville’s Holy Week—artistic heritage of immeasurable importance—and the April Fair—a cultural treasure reflecting the soul of the city, where colour, joy, entertainment, music and folklore come together—are events known the world over. The city’s gastronomy—a window into a particular way of being and way of life—is a culinary culture heir to the traditions and techniques of yesteryear, whilst remaining open to the creativity of new chefs and new recipes. Flavours and fragrances that have conquered the hearts of millions of tourists.

In the pages of this book you will find an extensive map of the city, where talent, tradition and modernity go hand in hand. An extraordinary journey to the heart of Sevillian art, taking in the workshops and studios where the past is savoured and the future is formulated.

Spain. A Gastronomic Journey through its Craftmanship

March 2022

To counter the temptation to forget, Spanish artisans are keeping the identity of peoples and customs alive by encouraging them to journey through a map of sensations, colours, textures and sounds, as well as flavours, as the sublimation of cuisine implies leading it to the terrain of total experience.

This book seeks to be an homage to the crafts and cuisine of Spain. At the crossroads between creativity, design and quality, two worlds converge which make singularity and excellence their hallmarks.

Today more than ever, ‘eating with our eyes’, a common expression, is the prelude to the definitive banquet, that time before it when each detail counts.

Book made by Alimentos de España. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.


Handmade Spain.
A Guide to Artisan Workshops

Second edition, revised and enlarged 2021

Made in Madrid. Arts and Crafts in the City

(1st edition April 2019)

Book in the format of a guide which offers a painstaking selection of ateliers and shops that represent the city’s artisan spirit and design.

It is a work that claims a place of honour for artisans in the universe of design.

With this guide, we want to offer both visitors to the city and those who live there a journey through the Madrid that moves, works and designs, from the most modern, showcasing the work of the new designers, to the artisans following ages-old traditions.

Handmade Spain.
A Guide to Artisan Workshops

(1st edition June 2018)

La Fábrica has published ‘Handmade Spain’, a volume designed as a guide created in conjunction with Cervezas Alhambra, which surveys our country’s crafts through a carefully chosen selection of craft ateliers and enterprises.

This is the first guide in a single volume that compiles a selection of the best examples of artisan work in Spain. It claims a place of honour for artisans in the universe of design.

The relationship between crafts and design is one of the cornerstones of this book, which offers readers the chance to discover a new dimension of crafts. This connection is also visible through the texts that introduce each of the sections in the book, written by professionals in design, art, architecture and food such as Martín Azúa, Paloma Cañizares, Nacho Carbonell, Teresa Sapey, Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, Pedro Feduchi, Gonzalo Fonseca, Raquel Rodrigo and Federico Oldenburg.